Buying used phones from smartfones:

Why purchase from Smartfones Used Phones?

10 years in business we offer a safe, secure way to buy or sell a phone without using sites like Craigslist or Kijiji

How do you grade the condition of the phones?

The condition New-Excellent-Good-Fair each refers to the cosmetic appearance of the phone. We thoroughly test all phones to make sure all the phones we sell are working perfectly. Please keep in mind these are used phones unless stated as "New" and please be aware you are buying a used product. If you are unsure of the phones physical condition you can come into our store to view it.

New - This refers to brand new, never been used and in perfect condition

Excellent - This is the best condition you can reasonably expect for a used phone. The phone will be mostly free of any scratches or cosmetic defects.

Good - This condition will show some signs of wear but overall still a high quality phone. There may be small dents or scratches present but nothing major.

Fair - This condition indicates the phone is well used and shows significant signs of wear and tear. All the functions of the phone are working however cosmetically there are scratches and dents visible in multiple areas.

How can I purchase a phone?

We offer free shipping on all phone orders or you can view and pick-up locally at our Vancouver Store.

How much does shipping cost?

We offer free shipping on all phone purchases to anywhere in Canada

Which payment methods to you take online?

We accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Can I purchase or pick the phone up in the store instead of shipping?

Yes we can take payment in the store or you can pay online and pick the phone up in person

How long will delivery take?

All orders are shipped out within 1-2 business days. Phones are shipped via Canada Post Express and most orders will arrive in approximately 3-4 business days depending on your location. A tracking number will be emailed to you once the item has shipped.

What happens after I place an order?

Once your order is received the phone will be packaged and the shipping receiver will be contacted. They usually pick up the next business day. Once it is shipped you will receive a tracking number via email.

Do I receive an invoice for my order?

You will automatically receive an email after purchase confirming the details of the transaction

Can I return the phone?

No sorry all sales are final as we strive to sell only the best used phones and cannot resell a returned phone. If you are not sure about a purchase feel free to come in and view the phone in person prior to purchasing.

What is your warranty?

We offer a 90 day guarantee on our phones. We will repair or replace anything that is defective within 90 days of purchase.

Do you test the phones?

We buy all the phones pre tested from reputable companies and do our own inspection/test when we receive them to ensure there is no defects or issues and nothing was overlooked.

What comes with the phone?

All phones are shipped with a usb cord and wall charger. There is no box or headphones

What about blacklist or icloud?

We guarantee our phones are not blacklisted or iCloud locked. These are purchased from reliable sources not off the general public therefore we are able to trace back the history of the phone.

I purchased a phone but my Data is not working

You may need to manually enter the correct APN settings.
Click this link APN Instructions, then select your phone and the carrier you are trying to use.

Will my phone work on Freedom Mobile?

You can check your phones compatibly on Freedoms website here - Check Freedom Compatibility

How secure is shopping online at Smartfones? Is my data protected?

All payments are processed via PayPal to ensure the highest level of security. Our website utilizes the latest security features available in the market today and is updated frequently

Selling your used Phone to Us:

How do I sell my phone?

Visit our phone purchase page and see if your phone is listed. If we are actively buying your model fill out the form and you will receive a free shipping label. Once you receive the label, package your phone up securely and drop it off in any Canada Post mailbox or at any Canada Post location

How long does it take to get paid for my phone?

The entire process takes roughly 3-5 business days to complete. This gives time for shipping, testing the device, evaluating it and ensuring it is not blacklisted, lost or stolen

How do I get paid?

All payments are sent via email transfer or cash in store after the testing period

Can I just bring the phone in and you buy it right now?

No sorry we have a very strict policy on this and under no circumstances will we buy your phone without testing it and going through the proper procedure which takes roughly 3-5 business days

Can I drop the phone off in person?

Yes you can drop the phone off in store but the process and time frame remains the same at roughly 3-5 business days. Drop off location is 3292 E 29th Ave, Vancouver B.C.

What should I send with my phone?

Please send the phone with the battery, battery cover and box if you have it. We do not require the charger, headphones or any other accessories. Make sure the phone is packaged up safely for shipping

What if the phones condition is different than stated?

If it looks the same as described we will pay you what was quoted. If its not we will give you a new quote based off our assessment. If its in better condition than you thought we will pay you more!

Do I need to do anything to the phone before I send it in?

Yes, please make sure all iCloud, Google Accounts or Blackberry ID's are removed and the phone is reset to factory settings

What if you think the condtion is different than I do?

We will provide you a value based off our assessment, if it is different than you think we will provide you an offer and if you decline we will ship the phone back to you or you can pick it up

Do you buy multiple phones?

Yes bulk deals are available, feel free to inquire if you have multiple phones to sell

How long is my price quote valid for?

All quotes are valid for 30 days

My phone is not listed

Feel free to send us an email with the details of your phone if it is not listed however this is our most active list that we are looking to purchase


Have a question? Send us an email to sales@vancouverusedphones.ca or give us a call at 778-300-3409